REAL ESTATE: Consulting

 Land and its environs are a fixed commodity. The modern world requires a more creative method to utilize the land. Mr. Rubel is very creative in developing ways to maximize its utilization to benefit the user and the consumer. Environmental and governmental issues cloud the process with excessive rules and regulations that sap the life out of a project, making the economic reality of the development less attainable. Mr. Rubel can assist in negotiating with the agencies and mitigate risks wherever possible. 

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Divestitures business development service


Owners and management of privately held businesses are experts at the operations of their company. Having invested many years of diligent effort into growing their company, they want to receive the maximum value possible when it comes time to sell the business. Without proper counsel, however, a sale is difficult to structure, manage and strategize - often making it difficult for the optimal value to be realized. Mr. Rubel's substantial knowledge and control of the process can maximize the owner's equity and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the sale of a company.

  • Sold and advised; Aerospace, wine, general manufacturing and snack foods industries.



A successful transaction is one that maximizes the synergies of two or more companies creating value above and beyond that of an investment with similar risk. We conduct multiple searches on behalf of our clients ensuring compatibility with existing corporate culture and a smooth integration of all personnel.

  • ​Acquired several companies in Aeropsace, epoxy-resin, commercial aircraft maintenance for or as a partner.


 A valuation by a certified expert gives a company the necessary foundation needed to acquire, divest, attract capital or for special purposes such as estate planning and minority partner interest. It can often prove valuable as a performance enhancement tool for a company as it typically identifies strengths and weaknesses and may go so far as to quantify the impact of the business's value drivers. Fuller Trident works with several valuation companies to provide the best overall service and value. 


Challenging circumstances often require the perspective of independent counsel who can objectively address the most critical needs of the company. Mr. Rubel applies experience and judgment to today's business challenges. Many years of business experience has provided Mr. Rubel with the knowledge of what it takes to make tough decisions in today's competitive environment. 



  • Scrap metal industry, business development and acquisitions
  • Developed roll-up strategy for several small and mid-sized wineries producing over 200,000 cases per year.
  • Turned around an aerospace company, added financial partners, and sold the company for 12.5 times EBITDA
  • Did a non-judicial bankruptcy on a circuit board company and sold the assets to one of the larger creditors.

​Developed strategy for financial infusion with several companies​​:

  • Internet based real estate mortgage company
  • ​Early childhood learning software company
  • Several limited partnerships/ LLCs for real estate
  • Craft brewing company
  • Electronic recycling company
  • Several bank refinancing projects

Government Advisory

 Mr. Rubel has developed great contacts in Washington DC to advise on legislative or lobbying issues including proposing legislation within the Armed Services Committee. He has worked with large governmental contractors such as; SAIC, CSC, Raytheon and met with DoD/SBA program chairpersons for issues surrounding a SDVOB company. Developed and administered Defense contracts for an aircraft maintenance company, Certified Aviation Services, an Ontario, CA based firm he acquired with partners. business development service