The Fuller Trident Group, founded in 1997, is a real estate and investment banking firm with expertise in advising middle market companies in mergers and acquisitions. Our business advisory services also include; divestitures, capital raising, strategic consulting, financial/operational restructuring, real estate development, site analysis and leasing/sales.

Originally created as a multi-business enterprise, Michael J. Rubel & Co. (MJRCo) owned men's apparel stores, a real estate brokerage and a management company. One of the real estate transactions added a utility trailer manufacturing business. After several years of operations and increased revenues, he sold his business interests and moved to Seattle, WA. 

Capitalizing on his success working with privately held companies, he created his own mergers and acquisitions firm under MJRCo as Trident Capital Partners. The firm expanded to include 14 brokers with offices in Portland, OR and Newport Beach, CA. It was re-christened The Fuller Trident Group. The company currently has offices in Newport Beach, CA and Tacoma, WA under Mr. Rubel's leadership.

Mr. Rubel remains active in both real estate and consulting for privately held companies. Recent contracts were in Aerospace, electronics and metal scrap, the brewing industry and commercial aviation maintenance.

Executives choose to hire Fuller Trident and Michael Rubel to navigate major corporate transactions because of our experience and track record. We act as your intimate partner guiding you along the entire pathway, ensuring commitment, continuity, and positive conclusion to your financial transaction.


The firm has recently  begun offering valuations  for privately held companies with revenues from $2M to $450M. Over the years we have worked with outside firms to  provide valuation services for the purpose of sale , partnership buy-outs, bank financing, or various other business related purposes. Our valuation team has been a part or partner with Fuller Trident Group for the past 30 years and have relied on those services to develop reasonable goals to restructure values for our exiting  clients. 

In order to provide the  best possible outcome in any valuation, we need to have access to all financial Information as well as future expectations that are supportable by a business plan prepared by corporate staff/owners. We are cognizant of variables in any business that can and should be adjusted to provide a true picture of the health and ultimate value of the company.

Any valuation depends on the receipt of documents and answers to questions put forth by Fuller Trident. once material are received we will be able to provide a finished product from 7 to 14 business days, There will be a draft session with the company owners to determine if there is any aspect of the earnings or projections that may be incorrect. At that time we can produce the report with these revisions.

While our pricing is very competitive, for the product delivered, there may be extenuating circumstances that would change the ultimate cost on a case by case basis. The report is considered a Detailed Report consisting of 100+ pages, and is the best measure of value with supportable exhibits. Again, we need to discuss the goals of the client and determine how to best fill their needs. At that time we enter into an agreement to commence the valuation.

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